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The Good, The Rights, and The Ugly The Good, The Rights, and The Ugly


Iran faces water bankruptcy; climate change or mismanagement?

Extreme water shortages in Iran have led to protests that started in the southwest Khuzestan province and spread to Aligoodarz in the western Lorestan province. For over a week, Iranian protesters have been demonstrating in some of the country’s hottest regions to call attention to the drought that has been affecting agriculture, livestock, households and…
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Tigray’s looming humanitarian crisis

Eight months of brutal civil war in Tigray have left millions of vulnerable people starving. Nearly a third of the population of Ethiopia’s northernmost state is displaced, and the death toll is estimated to be in the thousands. Despite a ceasefire declaration, humanitarian access remains heavily restricted and aid agencies have not been able to…

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IOHR TV – The Human Rights TV Channel

UK’s undocumented migrants – the lost million+

Zoe Gardner, policy advisor for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, describes a “crisis” environment that has lead to over 1.2 million people living in the UK with no legal status. Victim to an inflexible and unforgiving immigration system, how did these people go from holding legal status to living in fear of deportation? 

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IOHR TV – The Human Rights TV Channel

Iranian presidential election: what hope for human rights?

Iran’s presidential election on 18th June is considered one of the most remarkable political events this year, yet not one that brings much change for Iranians. Shiva Mahbobi, human rights defender and former Iranian prisoner, Farian Sabahi, journalist and professor, and Mehdi Kouhestani, labour activist, discuss the impact of this election on human rights in the country and beyond.

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Iran’s elections – the only choice is “None of the above”

Human Rights activist and former Iranian prisoner, Shiva Mahbobi discusses the implications of the Iranian presidential election.

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Our Campaigns Aim to End Human Rights Abuses Worldwide

The International Observatory of Human Rights works with human rights defenders, journalists, civil society groups and global communities to ensure human rights for all

Global News Happening Now

China manipulates Interpol ‘red notices’ and extradition treaties to rendition Uyghurs

On China’s request via Interpol, Moroccan authorities have arrested Yidiresi Aishan, a Uyghur activist, because of a terrorism warrant distributed by Interpol. According to the rights group Safeguard Defenders, which specialises in cases of people detained by China, his arrest was politically driven and he will likely be extradited to China as a result. The… … Read more →

Protecting Afghan refugees: who is responsible?

Recently, Turkish officials have confirmed that 1,456 undocumented migrants have been detained at Turkey’s border with Iran since 10 July 2021, the majority of which have made their journey from Afghanistan. Turkey is the largest host of refugees in the world with approximately 3.7million, according to the UNHCR. Turkey currently houses approximately 200,000 Afghan refugees,… … Read more →

Turkish government “contributes to creating and sustaining the repressive atmosphere.” finds new report on freedom of expression

27 July 2021, a new report looking into the state of freedom of expression in Turkey has been jointly released by Expression Interrupted and the Platform for Independent Journalism (P24). The report, titled Turkey’s journalists “cannot breathe”, is the second periodic report in their Freedom of Expression and the Press Agenda series and covers the… … Read more →

Multi-Author Blogs on Human Rights

To sink or swim in the Fragrant Harbour

“It’s a very fluid situation,” said Tara Joseph, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong earlier this year. Water has always been fundamental to Hong Kong for trade and its name comes from a phonetic translation of the Cantonese for Fragrant Harbour - Heung Gong ( 香港 ). In the 1980’s, the UK government Mandarins who negotiated the handover of Hong Kong knew the Chinese government literally had them over a barrel, as over 70% of the water supply came from Guangdong province across the border. It was a no-win trading position for the British so they made the strategic business decision to exit the colony. … Read more →

Women’s rights to their own body choices

11 July marks World Population Day and this year that covers an estimated 7.7 billion of us. In less than a decade, that number will have climbed to approximately 8.5 billion. However around the world a woman’s womb is becoming a political battleground as fertility rates fluctuate and policy responses often do not consider womens’ choices, health or rights.  … Read more →

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