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#BeARefugeeSponsor calls for the expansion and diversification of the UK Community Sponsorship resettlement scheme of Syrian refugees as the numbers of those displaced increases.

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#NotBornARadical aims at preventing radicalism and countering extremism. IOHR focus on challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes and how empowering the youth is key.

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#BrexitvsYourRights reminds us that the countdown to 29 March 2019 when the UK exits the European Union has entered the final run. IOHR will be tracking the impact on your human rights.

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During President Hassan Rouhani’s tenure, Iran has failed to live up to his promise to improve human rights. Iran has jailed up to 30 dual-nationals since 2015 including 19 Europeans, 7 Americans and have used them as bargaining chips for political gains

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Press freedom watchdogs described Turkey as the worst jailer of journalists with more than two-hundred reporters and media professionals unjustly detained. President Erdoğan shut dozens of media outlets after ratifying an emergency decree in 2016.

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IOHR works with various NGOs to influence policymakers and the Home Office to provide a clearer and simpler set of processes for both refugees and businesses to follow in order to guarantee more inclusion of refugees in the UK workplace.

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2018 in Review: Human Rights Violations in Turkey #TurkeyHumanRights 2018 in Review: Human Rights Violations in Turkey #TurkeyHumanRights

Global Human Rights News

Donald Trump sued over national emergency declaration

On Friday 15 February, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to secure funding for a wall along the southern border with Mexico. Within hours, several organisations had filed lawsuits against the decision, including Public Citizen and Citizens for … Read more →

Award-winning Philippine journalist Maria Ressa released on bail

Maria Ressa, a high-profile Philippine journalist and vocal critic of the country's president, was arrested on Wednesday 13 February in connection with “cyber libel” charges against Rappler, the news site she founded and oversees. Instead of attending an event on … Read more →

17 Australians detained in China’s Uyghur crackdown

Seventeen Australian Uyghurs have reportedly been detained in China, as the nation continues its crackdown on ethnic minority Muslims. The Australians, it is believed, are being kept under house arrest, in prison, or in the country's infamous detention camps … Read more →


How many journalists are behind bars in Turkey?

Speaking to BBC’s Hardtalk on 17 December 2018, Prof. Gulnur Aybet, a senior advisor to the President of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, refuted Stephen Sackur’s question about Turkey being the worst jailer of journalists in the world, on the grounds that she has checked the numbers given by … Read more →

Erdoğan’s Thugs Plot to Kill Turkish Journalist in Denmark

A plot to kill a critical Turkish journalist living in Denmark by a clandestine group tied to the Turkish government exposes the sheer hypocrisy of the autocratic regime of president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been driving a political campaign to exploit the outrageous murder of … Read more →

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