Who we are

The International Observatory of Human Rights was established in 2017 in London as an independent non-profit and non-governmental organisation.

The team is made up of human rights professionals, lawyers, researchers, award-winning journalists and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

IOHR utilises its unique access and the expertise of its multilingual staff to advocate for human rights worldwide.

The International Observatory of Human Rights has created partnerships with local and international human rights groups. The IOHR advocacy team meets with governments, members of parliament and global groups such as the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and businesses to drive and promote positive changes and push for justice and the respect of human rights worldwide.


The International Observatory of Human Rights exposes and investigates human rights violations. Our independence and international reach gives us leverage to work with global movements to defend the dignity of people stripped of their rights, for example unjustly jailed journalists, human rights defenders, refugees and victims of oppression.

Unique NGO – Human Rights Television

Our partners value the unique human rights web television platform and our use of digital and multimedia mediums to put the focus on human rights worldwide. We utilize the experience of our award-winning journalists to amplify advocacy campaigns, maintain maximum impact and expose those who violate international law.

The International Observatory of Human Rights has worked with bodies such as the Office of the Mayor of London and non-governmental groups to launch and support campaigns through advanced video presentations—a new model to prioritise human rights.

Our Amazing Team

Valerie Peay
Director of the International Observatory of Human Rights and the Trustee Director of the Royal Caledonian Educational Trust. She employs her global experience in digital transformation and TV to highlight human rights violations worldwide and through various channels including the IOHR Human Rights web TV.

Trish Lynch
Former CNN and Sky News reporter and broadcaster, Trish Lynch has covered a variety of topics worldwide for almost two decades. She currently anchors IOHR web TV, a programme dedicated to putting the focus on human rights violations around the world. She also moderates IOHR events and forums.

Ash Naji
Head of Marketing and Communications
Louise Pyne-Jones
Head of Research
Margherita Cargasacchi
Associate Producer and Project Coordinator

Trish Lynch, correspondent for IOHR TV and Charlie Boorman, UNICEF ambassador, on the set in the studio in London

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