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Gender-neutral passport: what would it mean for non-binary people?

At the end of last year, the Merriam-Webster dictionary named non-binary singular pronoun ‘they’ the word of 2019. Non-binary identities have taken centre stage over the past few years and more people have started to openly identify as non-binary. In the UK, non-binary people make up one per cent of the population – about 630,000 … Read more →

Sally’s Tale; Life inside Moria

Sally’s Tale Residing in Moria, notorious as Europe’s most dangerous camp, is twenty-year-old Sally, one of the thousands suffering on the Greek island of Lesbos. Pregnant with her first child, Sally lives in a makeshift tent for two. ‘Come, let me show you what it’s like inside the camp. I’m here with my husband living … Read more →

In Russia, women’s rights are still not human rights

Women’s rights in Russia is far from an under-reported topic. The decriminalisation of some forms of domestic violence in early 2017 gained widespread attention and condemnation in the Western media – just last month, the Ministry of Justice caused an outcry by claiming that the domestic violence crisis faced by the country’s women is “exaggerated”, … Read more →

Violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in Sub-Saharan Africa

From government leaders such as Robert Mugabe labelling homosexual men as “worse than pigs and dogs” to the classification of homosexuality as a disease, and no legal ramifications for those who participate in homophobic behaviour, life within Sub-Saharan African countries can be very difficult for LGBTQ+ people. Surveys taken in Zimbabwe show that 50% of gay … Read more →

The Kremlin’s latest legislative initiative to control information and silence opposition voices

A bill before the Russian parliament that would expand the status of “foreign agents” to private persons, including bloggers and citizen journalists, should be a source for serious concern. This legislative initiative would have a detrimental impact on the already restrictive environment for independent journalism in Russia and become a strong tool to silence opposition … Read more →

Lebanon is burning and the people are rising

On Saturday, London saw the gathering of over a thousand people outside the Lebanese embassy in solidarity with the protestors in Lebanon. Millions of people all across Lebanon have been protesting for the last week. To an unfamiliar spectator, the current crisis in Lebanon may seem as if it has appeared all of a sudden, … Read more →

The true cost of citizenship: IOHR bring Children Not Profit to party conferences

Between Saturday 21 September and Wednesday 25 September the seaside city of Brighton played host to this year’s Labour Party Conference. Following a successful fringe event at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth last week, the International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) once again ventured to the south coast to raise issues relating to citizenship … Read more →

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