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A New Start: Sponsoring A Refugee Family

The 28 February 2017 will forever be etched on my memory. On that day the most wonderful, resilient, inspiring family came into my life. As I stood at the arrivals gate at Gatwick Airport, minutes before they came through, I worried about how things would be. I already knew each of their names and ages… … Read more →

A Minor Undertakes De-radicalisation in Italy for the First Time

The Italian authorities believed they were monitoring the activities of an experienced cyber terrorist when they came across a Telegram channel used to launch Jihadist campaigns. Instead, the person responsible for this crime was, shockingly, a 15-year old Italian student from Udine, Italy, with Algerian origins. The investigation of the Italian teenager accused of “spreading… … Read more →

Rich Nations’ Self-Interest Means Refugee Crisis to Worsen

While the UN speaks of durable solutions – and resettlement to third countries comes under a suite of options – fewer than 1 percent of the world’s refugees were resettled last year. With richer nations such as the U.S tightening already strict immigration laws, refugees who have already gone through up to 10 years of… … Read more →

Sexual Predator Exposed

We do not see her face, but her child-like voice gives us our first sound-bite; a story in two sentences. “He asked me to come inside to help sweep his shop. I came home crying.” I was sitting across from her when she said those words; her mother behind her, and her case worker just… … Read more →

Who are the Extremists and How do they Recruit?

They have effectively moved with the times and joined the masses on social media platforms, where social networking is now the conventional way of linking up. Young people, who live in the virtual world far more than other sections of society, are therefore more vulnerable than those who do not understand or are connected to… … Read more →

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