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State Violence sparks Racial Divisions in the US

In 2018, across a range of issues, many human rights activists believe that the United States has been moving backwards. The current administration’s anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies grab global attention. However, deep and divisive issues burn at home among blacks and whites in a struggle to co-exist that began 400 years ago, as European traders… … Read more →

Dark Fate for Captured ISIS Brides in Iraqi Kurdistan

After several weeks of volunteering for Zhian Health Organisation, a local NGO in Iraqi Kurdistan, I was presented with the opportunity in August of 2018 to visit a women’s correctional facility, which I was told had become a dumping ground for ISIS brides after the recapture of Mosul. So far, I had accompanied a small… … Read more →

Turkey Turned into an Open Prison

The arbitrary practice of seizing and revoking passports, or denying the issue of new ones for critics, opponents and dissidents, as well as for their spouses, children and relatives in Turkey by the government of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has turned at least half a million people into captives condemned to live in an open… … Read more →

PositiveNegatives: Comics Working With Survivors For Human Rights

A panel from the comic “Abike”, artwork by Gabi Froden. Can journalism work in cooperation with the principles of art to produce stories of survival? That is the question a team of researchers and illustrators grapples with everyday at PositiveNegatives. Based in London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, PositiveNegatives is a small organisation that… … Read more →

Animating Torture: A New Horizon In Human Rights Reporting

When telling stories of violence for mass audiences, we cannot always rely on text or audio to make an impression. If our goal is to build empathy and understanding between the viewer and the victims, visuals can help us achieve that. But when the subject we want to draw attention to is so potentially disturbing,… … Read more →

Houthi Human Rights Violations in Yemen

Since 2014 Yemen has been the tragic theatre of a proxy war that has expanded across the backdrop of decades of modern history. The Houthis The Houthis are a tribal movement from Yemen based on the Zaydi sect of Shi’a Islam. This sect branched off during the Umayyad period in 740AD, at a time when… … Read more →

Turkey: The Worst is Yet to Come

Events within two weeks of the election of the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suggest that the dire state of human rights violations in Turkey will continue to go from bad to worse, and that the worst is yet to come. After winning an easy victory in elections that were deemed neither free nor… … Read more →

Syria: Human Rights, Peacekeeping and Modern Conflict

The concepts of human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of religious beliefs emerged from the ashes of WWII. Theoretically, we are living in peacetime and the actors involved in conflict zones are supposed to honour and uphold international law and human rights. But in reality, we are neither in peacetime nor are human rights… … Read more →

Daphne’s Murder Reveals A Brutal Reality in Malta

Forbidden Stories launched ‘The Daphne Project’ on 17 April 2018. This means Jules and 44 other investigative journalists, many with experience at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, have been studiously scanning through the leads reputable Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was working on before she was killed. Firstly, the Project will continue… … Read more →

End Child Recruitment in Central African Republic

Child Soldiers International travelled to the Central African Republic in May – a country where over 14,000 children have been recruited by armed groups since 2012 – to launch new initiatives helping communities, government and local organisations end this devastating practice. Since the mainly Muslim Séléka coalition seized power from President Francois Bozizé in 2013,… … Read more →

UK: Identity Politics and Extremist Groups

On the cusp of taking the reins from the crestfallen former Home Secretary, Javid aims to move counter-terror policy away from hitting another major bump in the policy road. UK counter terror policies have come under considerable fire in recent years and have undeniably proven to be divisive. The final nail in the coffin for… … Read more →

A New Start: Sponsoring A Refugee Family

The 28 February 2017 will forever be etched on my memory. On that day the most wonderful, resilient, inspiring family came into my life. As I stood at the arrivals gate at Gatwick Airport, minutes before they came through, I worried about how things would be. I already knew each of their names and ages… … Read more →

A Minor Undertakes De-radicalisation in Italy for the First Time

The Italian authorities believed they were monitoring the activities of an experienced cyber terrorist when they came across a Telegram channel used to launch Jihadist campaigns. Instead, the person responsible for this crime was, shockingly, a 15-year old Italian student from Udine, Italy, with Algerian origins. The investigation of the Italian teenager accused of “spreading… … Read more →

Rich Nations’ Self-Interest Means Refugee Crisis to Worsen

While the UN speaks of durable solutions – and resettlement to third countries comes under a suite of options – fewer than 1 percent of the world’s refugees were resettled last year. With richer nations such as the U.S tightening already strict immigration laws, refugees who have already gone through up to 10 years of… … Read more →

Sexual Predator Exposed

We do not see her face, but her child-like voice gives us our first sound-bite; a story in two sentences. “He asked me to come inside to help sweep his shop. I came home crying.” I was sitting across from her when she said those words; her mother behind her, and her case worker just… … Read more →

Who are the Extremists and How do they Recruit?

They have effectively moved with the times and joined the masses on social media platforms, where social networking is now the conventional way of linking up. Young people, who live in the virtual world far more than other sections of society, are therefore more vulnerable than those who do not understand or are connected to… … Read more →

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