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During President Hassan Rouhani’s tenure, Iran has failed to live up to his promise to improve human rights. Iran has jailed up to 30 dual-nationals since 2015 including 19 Europeans, 7 Americans and have used them as bargaining chips for political gains

French academic Fariba Adelkhah jailed in Iran: consular access denied

A French-Iranian academic has been detained in Iran and the French government has demanded immediate consular access. The French foreign ministry called on the Iranian authorities to “shed full light” on Fariba Adelkhah’s situation and allow diplomats to visit her. Adelkhah is best known for her book “Being Modern in Iran”, about changes in the country after the 1979 Islamic revolution. … Read more →

Petition the Government in Canada to Call for the Release of Saeed Malekpour Unjustly Jailed in Iran

A petition has been issued to the government of Canada on the case of Saeed Malekpour, the unjustly detained Iranian-Canadian permanent resident. Saeed has now been imprisoned in Iran for over 10 years on trumped up charges. Initiated by Maryam Malekpour, Saeed’s sister, now a Canadian citizen, the petition calls for his release and reaffirms the Canadian government’s recognition of Iranian human rights violations. … Read more →

Nizar Zakka jailed in Iran shuns Lebanese regime on his birthday

Lebanese-US citizen Nizar Zakka, who has been held in Iran for 3 years on spurious charges of spying, has lamented that the Lebanese state seems to be in “full coma” over his continued imprisonment in Iran. On celebrating his birthday in prison Mr Zakka thanked the Iranian political prisoners who are jailed with him “underground” for celebrating his birthday. … Read more →

Iran Human Rights Rapporteur: “International Human Rights Law must be at the heart of response”

The new UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, Professor Javaid Rehman, has issued his first report to the General Assembly since he took on the new role in July this year. Professor Rehman has said that challenges in Iran, ‘should be met by a constructive response which places international human rights law at its heart.’ He continued with hopes of “building on the cordial cooperation” extended to him thus far through “constructive engagement” with Iran. … Read more →

Nazanin freed on 3-day release: Could this be ‘the beginning of the end’?

After 872 long days in an Iranian prison, Nazanin Ratcliffe has been permitted leave of 3 days to spend time with her family. Nazanin’s husband Richard was called on Thursday morning and was notified that she would be released for 3 days. Mr Ratcliffe said that his wife was given 10 minutes notice on Thursday morning before being released. On speaking to his wife as she left the prison, he said that her release was a “happy surprise”. … Read more →

Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Faces New Charges: Rights Defenders in Iran Under Threat

Nasrin Sotoudeh, the prominent Iranian human rights lawyer, faces new charges after being held in an Iranian jail for the last 2 months. Detained under national security charges since June 2018 when Nasrin was arrested and taken from her home in Tehran to Evin prison. At that time, she was issued a five-year sentence on ‘in absentia’ charges from 2016, that she knew nothing about. Her human rights campaigning work included the defence of a woman who fought for the right to remove her headscarf, as well as campaigning against the death penalty. Nasrin is now exemplary of the extent to which Iran is clamping down on human rights defenders. … Read more →

Saeed Malekpour Serving a Life Sentence in Iran

Ms. Maryam Malekpour, speaks on the details of her brother’s unjust incarceration in Iran since 2008 where he is serving a life sentence and details the torture he endured in prison. She calls for increased advocacy efforts by Canada, where her brother was working as a web programmer and a permanent resident before he was arrested. … Read more →

IOHR and the family of Dr Ahmadreza Djalali seek support from European Parliamentarians for his release from imprisonment in Iran

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) invited Mrs Vida Mehrannia, the wife of imprisoned Iranian-Swedish professor Dr Ahmadreza Djalali, to Brussels and Strasbourg to appeal for an urgent intervention from diplomats and members of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe the week before President Rouhani’s visit to Austria and Switzerland. … Read more →

Iran: Voices for Freedom

IOHR organised a panel discussion in the UK Parliament to address the mass imprisonment of dual nationals in Iran. Hosted by MP Graham Jones, the event featured Iranian dual national guests Maryam Malekpour, sister of detained Canadian citizen Saeed Malekpour, and former prisoner Shiva Mahbobi. Vida Mehrannia, the wife of detained Swedish-Iranian academic on death row Ahmadreza Djalali, joined the discussion via Skype. … Read more →

Voices for Freedom – The Families of Iranian Prisoners Call for Justice in Westminster

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) brings to Westminster the families of dual national prisoners held in Iran. This is the first time they will come together from all over the world to highlight the human rights violations and injustice their detained loved ones are facing. This is a call to President Rouhani to enact the Charter on Citizens’ Rights which he introduced on December 2016 to ‘recover and promote citizens’ rights. … Read more →

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