How we finance our work

The International Observatory of Human Rights is financially independent of any political ideology, economic, religious interests or government.

Our campaigns, programmes and policies are non-partisan and independent of specific governments, the business community and political parties.

Most of our funding comes from individuals – personal donations that permit IOHR to expose and document human rights violations worldwide.

We collaborate with partners who work on a similar non-profit model and who promote our mandate of focusing on human rights only after careful vetting.

Through ethical fundraising activities leading to donations from individuals and groups we hope to enhance our work and continue to defend human rights worldwide.

IOHR has developed a progressive model as a non-governmental and non-profit organisation spreading its message through advanced multi-media engagement and most prominently through our human rights web TV channel (IOHRTV).

Our team of researchers and award-winning journalists produce documentary films on those subjects that complement our campaigns and mission.

The income from these films is a vital source for our funding model that enables us to campaign independently.

We are currently in the production phase of a 3-series documentary film that promotes the values of our #NotBornARadical campaign.

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