Freshers’ Week

IOHR participates in London’s Top Universities’ Welcome Fair

Student engagement is a core principle at IOHR. By participating in 11 Welcome Fairs this year IOHR aims at supporting London’s Universities and student communities to build a culture of Human Rights.

IOHR has created many ways that students can learn about human rights and express themselves:

  1. Participate in IOHR events and activities
  2. Volunteer for IOHR
  3. Write for IOHR
  4. Produce Films and videos about human rights

Below is a list of the Welcome Fairs that we are participating in this year:

Brunel University 18th September 2018
University of Westminister 19th September 2018
Queen Mary University of London 20th September 2018
City University of London 21st September 2018
King’s College London 22nd September 2018
University of East London 26th September 2018
Goldsmith’s University of London 27th September 2018
Student Central 28th September 2018
University of The Arts, London 29th September 2018
Imperial College London 2nd October 2018
University of Oxford 4th October 2018

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Take part in our Student #MyVoiceYourFuture Program and contribute to IOHR. Click Here.
Volunteer for IOHR. Click Here.

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