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News on Human Rights Abuses Worldwide

Australian authorities continue inquest into two citizens detained by the CCP

The Australian government is continuing to probe China for more information on two  Australian nationals who have been unable to contact consular authorities for over a month.  One of the hostages taken by the CCP is the Australian/Chinese journalist and TV anchor, Cheng Lei, who was working as a business journalist for the Chinese state… … Read more →

Hong Kong activist detained whilst trying to seek asylum

Nineteen-year-old activist Tony Chung has been detained by authorities in Hong Kong after attempting to seek asylum at the US consulate. Chung had previously been released on bail after his arrest in July on national security charges. He was amongst four student activists arrested under the Beijing-imposed law, for allegedly advocating online for an independent… … Read more →

Calls for Western governments to repatriate nationals in Syrian detention camps

Western governments are being called upon to repatriate nationals who are in detention camps in Northeast Syria. An open letter signed by over 200 academics urges Western governments to take responsibility for their citizens and end the deprivation of citizenship of European nationals. Syria’s al-Hol and al-Roj camps hold over 65,000 people who have faced… … Read more →

Poland: Abortion bans are a huge failure to women’s rights

Abortions have been ruled unconstitutional by a top court in Poland. This reverses existing laws which normally permit abortions due to foetal defects, and now only cases of rape, incest or threats to the mother’s health will be permissable. These instances only account for 2% of abortions, whereas the now illegal termination due to foetal… … Read more →

11 human rights groups say press freedom under attack in Turkey

In a statement issued by 11 organisations, including Human Rights Watch, following their  visit to Turkey between 6 and 9 October to meet with journalists, officials, and others to assess the conditions for media freedom in Turkey, the coalition concluded: 

“Turkey’s press freedom crisis is worsening”. … Read more →

Nigeria: Extrajudicial killings by government forces must stop

On 21 October 2020, during a peaceful demonstration in Lagos, witnesses reported 12 people had been shot dead and many more injured by police. Demonstrators had been protesting against police brutality and the controversial SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) unit over a number of weeks. … Read more →

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