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Protests spread in Thailand as military junta delays election

Tensions continue to mount in Thailand as the ruling military junta has signalled that the long postponed elections will be delayed yet again, the fifth delay in less than five years. On January 13, in one of the biggest pro-democracy protests in Thailand in over four years, hundreds of people took to the streets for … Read more →

War of words between the UK and Iran Over Imprisonment of Nazanin Ratcliffe

Amidst an ongoing war of words between the UK and Iran, prisoner Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has announced a hunger strike after over 1,000 days imprisonment. On 28 December the UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt accused Iran of using Nazanin as a pawn for diplomatic leverage. Hunt went on to say: “Nazanin isn’t the only person who … Read more →

US Stops UN Human Rights Investigations

The Trump administration has stopped cooperating with UN investigators over potential human rights violations occurring inside America. Reports from the UN suggest that there are 13 requests for investigation that have been made to the US government, and so far all requests remain unanswered since 7 May 2018. A report from the Guardian suggests that … Read more →

The UN calls for Nabeel Rajab’s immediate release

On January 6, the UN Human Rights office called for Bahrain to release Nabeel Rajab, a human rights defender imprisoned for tweeting criticism about Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen and alleging torture inside Bahrain’s Jau Prison. Having already served two and a half years, he lost his final appeal against a five-year jail term last … Read more →

Sudan Uprising: Scores Killed As Protests Continue

Since the 14th December protests have rocked Sudan to its core. Thousands of people have been demonstrating against the incumbent government of Omar Hassan al-Bashir in several cities across the country. Security forces are reportedly using tear gas, batons and live ammunition to disperse the crowds, injuring hundreds and killing tens of people. But the … Read more →

Brussels: Protests over UN migration pact turn violent

Around 5,500 members of far-right groups in Belgium turned out onto the streets of Brussels to protest against the recent UN migration pact on 16 December. Protests started in front of the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels and were said to be organised by Belgian right-wing groups. Demonstrators held banners with slogans such … Read more →

Canadian Former Attorney General and Lawmakers call for sanctions on 19 Iranian officials

The Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human rights in Canada issued a report on 10 December 2018 calling for sanctions on 19 Iranian top officials for their complicity in repression of Iranian civil society. The report highlights what it names ‘profiles of oppression; profiles of 19 Iranian regime officials that have targeted Iranian-Canadians. The center is … Read more →

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrates 70 Years

The 10th December 2018 marks 70 years since the ratification of the Human Rights Declaration. The internationally binding document put human rights firmly at the front of the public conscience and moreover enshrined human rights in law. At the launch of the website dedicated to the declaration, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid … Read more →

More than 150 countries to adopt UN migration accord

Today marks the opening of the intergovernmental conference in Marrakech, Morocco, centered around the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. The document is a wide-ranging framework for co-operation and sets out 23 objectives aimed at making global migration safer and more dignified for millions on the move. Canada and Germany are … Read more →

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