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Danish ‘Burqa’ Law Sparks Protests

Danish ‘Burqa’ law Denmark has pushed forward and finalised a new law that will forbid women from wearing niqab or burqas. The law bans people from wearing any garment that covers the face. The bill was voted in by a 75 to 30 majority, with a large section of Danish MP’s abstaining, 74 in total, … Read more →

Ahed Tamimi Released from Israel’s Prison

Hundreds of Children Remain Behind Bars Ahed’s example Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian teenager whose case reached the world stage earlier this year, has now been released after eight months of imprisonment in an Israeli detention centre. Ahed was detained for slapping an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank, near her home in Nabi Saleh. … Read more →

UK Poverty Crisis

A third of UK children are living in poverty A new report by the Resolution Foundation, a leading think-tank that focuses on UK society, reveals that the UK poverty crisis is deepening. Resolution Foundation Report The report findings show that the current level of poverty in the UK has not been as poor since 1988, … Read more →

Turkey: Draft law preserves abusive powers

“The end of Turkey’s state of emergency should have been a good sign for human rights, but the draft law makes clear that the government’s plan is to end it in name only,” Hugh Williamson, Human Rights Watch   Turkey finally ending its 2-year state of emergency last week was a move that should have … Read more →

Hundreds of Syrian ‘White Helmet’ Rescuers Evacuated

“They saved over 115,00 lives in Syria.” Jeremy Hunt, UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Israel has evacuated a number of White Helmet rescuers from Syria to safety in Jordan through the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Around 422 Syrians were transported, including 98  White Helmet volunteers and their family members. Why are they being evacuated? … Read more →

Refugee children in Greece

Denied basic right to education Refugee children stranded in camps in Greece are being denied the right to an education. Despite Greek laws that insist on the right of migrant and asylum-seeking children to an education, severe policies and unfulfilled promises made by the government mean many are missing out on education, with some children … Read more →

Nicaragua Crisis: International Community Calls for Peaceful End

The protests began on 16 April when students in Managua started a protest after a failure of government to adequately respond to forest fires in the Indio Maiz Nature Reserve, which contains some of Nicaragua’s most protected rainforest. The incident was described by a Nicaraguan ecologist as being ‘the most dramatic ecological disaster ever experienced … Read more →

Deadly Protests In Southern Iraq

Basic resources cut in Basra State of emergency declared as violent protests erupt Iraq’s second-largest city, Basra, faces a humanitarian crisis as protests erupted on the streets last week. Protests have now been ongoing for several days and have left a number of people injured and an estimated three fatalities. Hundreds of Iraqis took to … Read more →

Human rights abuses in Turkish-controlled Syria

A new UN report details human rights violations in the Turkish-controlled areas of Syria. The June OHCHR report was published amidst the renewal of clashes between Turkish-backed rebel factions in Afrin, which have killed an unknown number of people. Clashes recently broke out between rebels of the al-Jabha al-Shamiyya and the al-Mu’tasim groups, showing a … Read more →

Eritrea and Ethiopia: peace at last

A model for future conflict resolution? For the first time in decades, Ethiopia and neighbouring state Eritrea are at peace. Eritrea’s Information Minister Yemane Meskel tweeted, “the state of war that existed between the two countries has come to an end…a new era of peace and friendship has been ushered. Both countries will work to … Read more →

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