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News on Human Rights Abuses Worldwide

Human rights concerns grow as the Coronavirus outbreak spreads

As countries around the world struggle to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, measures must consider human rights before they are taken. For instance, by taking drastic and what some have called draconian measures, China appears to have slowed down the coronavirus, but it has come at a high cost. “The case of Li Wenliang is a … Read more →

Report unveils the 20 worst “digital predators” in 2020

On 12 March 2020, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released a list of the 20 worst “digital predators” in 2020. The RSF list is made up of companies and governments that use digital technology to spy and harass journalists and which pose “a clear danger for freedom of opinion and expression, which is guaranteed by article … Read more →

Turkey accused of using refugees as leverage in negotiations with the EU

President Erdogan of Turkey is travelling to Brussels today (March 9, 2020) for showdown talks with the EU over the current migrant crisis. Ankara is expected to demand hundreds of millions of euros from the EU in exchange for stopping the flood of migrants and refugees attempting to enter the EU from Turkey. President Erdogan … Read more →

Iranian-backed Houthi court sentences 35 Yemeni MPs to death

A Specialised Criminal Court court controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthis sentenced 35 pro-government MPs, in their absence, to death and confiscated their properties early last week (Tuesday 3 March, 2020). The group of MPs were charged with treason for supporting the internationally recognised government and military operations led by the Saudi-led coalition seeking to restore … Read more →

On International Women’s Day, progress towards gender equality remains slow

This Sunday (March 8, 2020) will mark the 109th International Women’s Day. Progression towards gender equality has been uneven, in some respects the lives of women have improved markedly since the first celebration of this day back in 1911. However, a report released by UN Women on Friday, 6th March 2020 titled: Gender equality: Women’s … Read more →

European Commission unveils “climate law” amid criticism from activists

On Wednesday 4th March, the European Commission unveiled a “climate law” that would commit the EU nations to reducing their net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 if it is approved by the European Parliament. The net zero target is already a EU goal, but this proposal would make it legally binding, yet activists … Read more →

Greek soldiers fire tear gas to prevent thousands of people crossing the border from Turkey

Greek authorities have fired tear gas and staged military exercises using live ammunition along the country’s eastern borders in an effort to prevent thousands of migrants including young children crossing from Turkey, deepening a stand-off between Brussels and Ankara. On 1st March, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that his country would not be accepting … Read more →

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