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Isis’ propaganda machine hit by EU-led attack

EU police agency Europol has led an international cyber operation to shut Islamic State group’s “propaganda machine” down. The action was led by European, Canadian and American cyber specialists and coordinated by the European Union Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU) and the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC). Among the targeted online propaganda main sources, there … Read more →

Brexit Withdrawal Bill Suffers Another Defeat

WILL THE EU CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS REMAIN IN UK LAW? The British Government’s Brexit bill suffered a defeat in the House of Lords after peers voted to retain a crucial European Union (EU) human rights charter as part of British law. A cross-party amendment to preserve the presence of the EU Charter of Fundamental … Read more →

Repatriation of Rohingya to Myanmar Begins

UN fears for safety of returning refugees The first Rohingya refugees out of the 700,000 who escaped a military crackdown have been repatriated to Myanmar, despite the United Nations voicing fears over the safety of returnees. Five members of one Rohingya family were temporarily resettled with relatives in Maungdaw town, an administrative centre close to … Read more →

Recurring Chemical Attacks In Syria

Scores of people massacred A suspected chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta has killed at least 70 people, according to the volunteer rescue force the Syrian Civil Defence known as the White Helmets. On Saturday 7th April, activists and medical associations on the ground have alleged that the Syrian government dropped a barrel bomb in Douma, … Read more →

Conflict Escalates in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) displaced 1.7 million throughout 2017, approximately 5,500 people a day according to CARE international. The central African country, endowed with a vast pallet of mineral resources including diamonds, copper and cobalt, has been prone to outbreaks of violence since the DRC gained independence in 1960. Currently in … Read more →

China and Russia “wage war” on Human Rights at the United Nations

China and Russia voted to bar the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from addressing the Security Council last week, as well as backing the calls to cease funding for the UN Human Rights Up Front initiative in 2018. Both nations have initiated attacks against human rights institutions within the United Nations by targeting financing … Read more →

Overwhelming Evidence of War Crimes in Syria

A U.N. sanctioned investigative body, the International Impartial and Independent Mechanism to Assist in the Investigation and Prosecution of Persons Responsible for the Most Serious Crimes under International Law Committed in the Syrian Arab Republic since March 2011, has produced its first report. According to Reuters, the war crimes investigators have collected an “overwhelming volume” … Read more →

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