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IOHR Human Rights TV airs on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The International Observatory of Human Rights launches its human rights web TV content on the interactive platform on 10 December 2018 on the same day that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70. The Netgem platform broadcasts IOHR TV videos about human rights issues to TV audiences from over 20 countries across Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East. This content will also be displayed on SoundBox Units, PCs, tablets and mobiles to give maximum coverage.

Sylvain Thevenot, Managing Director of Netgem UK Ltd commented on the launch,

“We are very pleased to work with the IOHR to raise awareness of human rights issues. At Netgem, we believe that Technology Innovation should serve a purpose: over the last 20 years, we have always delivered more ways for TV viewers to expand the range of Content they can enjoy. Today, we are using our TV Technology to engage with a more sophisticated audience – offering viewers a simple and interactive way to learn about the formidable work of the IOHR,”

IOHR aims to advance its advocacy mission through a unique model of a non-governmental organisation that uses top of the line digital and multimedia mediums to put the focus on human rights violations worldwide.

Valerie Peay, Director of IOHR said,

“At a time when human rights are under threat and even rights defenders and journalists that report on violations are enduring an unprecedented attack in a generation, it seemed the right time to launch one of the first dedicated web TV channels focused only on human rights to engage with a wider audience. Our content delves into the Why, highlighting stories and angles about human suffering often ignored by mainstream media. We also hope to spread a spirit of education on complicated topics such as de-radicalisation and refugees through broadcasting our conferences and events often chaired by the leading panellists on the topics of discussion.”

The launch of IOHR TV as the Universal Declaration reaches its 70th birthday is particularly timely; IOHR TV is a platform that represents the future of human rights campaigning, and this celebration of the UDHR represents looking at the past and the future of human rights.

The 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration were published in 1948 and for the last 70 years have worked well as a universal document that ensures the protection of human rights laws worldwide. Sadly, the existence of the 30 Articles of the declaration have not stopped various governments, organisations and individuals from infringing upon the basic rights of others.

In fact, in 2018 human rights abuses are widespread; from the rights of a journalist imprisoned for exposing the tyranny of a government, to civilians targeted in war, or children forced to work in appalling conditions. As a report by Human Rights Watch points out, while we celebrate the achievements of the UDHR we need to ‘acknowledge the gap between its promise and its implementation.’

IOHR TV is a ground-breaking platform for progressing the work of the 70-year-old declaration. The importance of these 30 Articles cannot be overstated; their existence has stopped countless cases of human rights abuse worldwide, has held the guilty accountable, and has acted as a deterrent for other violators. But new platforms such as IOHR TV can drive these issues further by using a platform that makes human rights issues accessible to the general public, driving campaigns and advocacy missions further and helping hold violators and abusers of these vital rights to account.

The following pillars and campaigns represent the core values IOHR promotes and the basis of the of narratives presented in the video packages, TV shows and global events:

NGO Focus

A talk show filmed in a studio based on the banks of the River Thames dedicated to showcasing the work of non-governmental organisations and the heroes who dedicate their lives to the noble cause of championing civil society worldwide. The first episodes feature interviews with Save the Children, Refuge, Tern, Reset, and Care International.


IOHRTV puts the focus on the terrorism dominating our headlines—the actors, their motives, policies to counter it and stories from the frontline including interviews with reformed Al Qaeda and ISIS members, and a series of interviews with an American former hostage who was kidnapped by Al Qaeda and held for two years in Syria. 


Heartfelt content focusing on portraying the agony millions of refugees endure worldwide. IOHRTV cameras travel to the UK suburbs to get a glimpse of the reality of the individuals and groups who have sponsored Syrian refugees escaping the horror of war. What are governments like Canada, the UK and others doing to deal with the unprecedented displacement? Trish Lynch interviews refugees who have arrived in the UK seeking a second chance as they face the challenges of integration and building a new life from scratch.

Violations of International Law

IOHR’s mandate exposes tyranny and dictators who oppress the word of truth and jail innocent people globally with little to no regard to the rule of law.  Programming that captures the real-life stories of dual-citizens unjustly jailed in Iran, the Rohingya genocide, Yemen: the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and more eye-opening narratives that give a voice to the voiceless.

Advocacy in Education and Diplomacy

Getting the fact rights is the core of human rights.  Tune in to follow IOHR’s hard-hitting panels featuring some of the world’s leading academics, diplomats, politician talking about global affairs issues.  Trish Lynch moderates a panel discussion held at the Sorbonne University in Paris with families of jailed Turkish journalists and a separate discussion in the UK parliament about ill-treatment of dual-citizens jailed in Iran and used as bargaining chips. IOHR hosted a conference at King’s College in London on de-radicalisation bringing together experts on counter-terrorism from ten nations, the UN, and the EU. In Germany the IOHR team brought together the top experts on women in religious extremism and right-wing extremism.

Power of the People

Watch the IOHR ambassadors, supporters and staff take to the street with their cameras to capture the word on the streets whether it be tens of thousands of protesters on the streets of the UK protesting against President Trump’s visit to London, or more than 500,000 people on the streets of the UK calling a second vote on Brexit—voices of freedom. Pick up on the world’s most alarming stories of injustice by watching protests organised by IOHR, such as the congregation outside the Myanmar embassy in London calling for the release of two Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar, and another stand outside the UN office in Geneva demanding the release of more than 200 journalists in Turkey.

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