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The International Observatory of Human Rights is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of 4 innocent Yemeni journalists who have been sentenced to death by the Houthis for simply doing their job of covering the war in Yemen.

Bayt UK

Join us with Bayt UK – a new Arabic language series of educational “webisodes” to help refugees integrate into British society. Many who have come through these Resettlement schemes have faced war and deprivation on an unprecedented scale.


There are currently 60 children, almost all under 12, born to UK nationals trapped in overcrowded unsafe refugee camps in North-East Syria. The UK government can rescue them from this peril and bring them home now.


#ChildrenNotProfit calls on the government to waive citizenship fees for children and aims to increase public awareness of the extortionate Home Office citizenship fees and the severe implications of these on children’s lives.


#NotBornARadical aims at preventing radicalism and countering extremism. IOHR focus on challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes and how empowering the youth is key.


#BeARefugeeSponsor calls for the expansion and diversification of the UK Community Sponsorship resettlement scheme of Syrian refugees as the numbers of those displaced increases.


According to Reporters Without Borders, 2018 was the most dangerous year on record to be a journalist. A total of 80 were murdered, 348 were imprisoned and a further 60 were taken hostage.


#BrexitvsYourRights. Under the current UK Withdrawal Bill to exit the European Union Bill your rights are potentially at risk. IOHR tracks the impact on your human rights and raises awareness after this historical measure.

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During President Hassan Rouhani’s tenure, Iran has failed to live up to his promise to improve human rights. Iran has jailed up to 30 dual-nationals since 2015 including 19 Europeans, 7 Americans and have used them as bargaining chips for political gains

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