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The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) organises a protest and International Conference on the Unprecedented Threat to Human Rights in Turkey

IOHR held a protest of solidarity outside the UN headquarters on the 1st November to highlight the plight of press freedom in Turkey. IOHR also held an international conference on the 2nd of November bringing together outspoken members of the British, Swiss, and Dutch parliaments who have been working on the Turkish crisis along with … Read more →

IOHR Sponsors the First Community Sponsorship Awards in the UK

The Royal Society was the prestigious venue for the first ever awards celebrating the community sponsorship of Syrian refugees. The event was organised by Citizens UK foundation group, Sponsor Refugees, who created the awards to recognise the considerable achievements of individuals, community and faith groups, local authorities and even the Government in resettling refugees in … Read more →

IOHR hosts Women in Extremism: Causes Concerns and Consequence seminar at the University of Rostock

As right-wing extremists take to the streets of Rostock in north eastern Germany, to drive their anti-immigration agenda, IOHR in partnership with the University of Rostock brought international experts to share their insights on de-radicalization, women who have joined Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS and how to counter both right-wing and Jihadism. ‘Women in … Read more →

Members of the Council of Europe, European, Parliament, Flemish and Belgian Parliamentarians Call on Iran to Release Ahmedreza Djalali

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) accompanied Mrs Vida Mehrannia, the wife of imprisoned Iranian-Swedish professor Dr Ahmadreza Djalali, to Brussels and Strasbourg to appeal for urgent intervention from diplomats and members of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.  Dr Djalali was arrested in Iran in April 2016, then unjustly accused of … Read more →

Leading UK businesses attend event organised by Mayor’s Office and IOHR to drive employment of refugees

The International Observatory of Human Rights partnered with the Greater London Authority to bring together more than twenty-five business leaders, public sector policy makers, refugees and non-governmental organisations to discuss how to include more refugees in the UK workplace.  Spearheaded by Nicola Marvin, Senior Project Officer for Resettlement of Syrian Refugees at the GLA and … Read more →

IOHR partners with Sponsor Refugees for Community Sponsorship Awards

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) has partnered with Sponsor Refugees, a branch of Citizens UK, to celebrate and expand community sponsorship of refugees in the UK. Sponsor Refugees has announced that IOHR will be the official sponsor of the Community Sponsorship Awards, which will take place on October 2nd 2018. The partnership will … Read more →

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