Our partners value human rights

The International Observatory of Human Rights values partnerships with organisations, individuals and supporters who forward our mission of putting the focus on human rights.

Active Change Foundation

An organisation that aims to protect young people & communities from extremism and violence in all its forms by raising public awareness, challenging conflict through dialogue and developing resilience through training and their direct support services.

Nature of Partnership

In this day and age, the fight against terrorism has been used as an excuse to sideline human rights. The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) works with ACF in organising events, workshops and in the production of digital media content to raise awareness against extremism. In order to help reshape the dialogue and educate and influence practitioners, counter-terrorism experts and policy makers.

Sponsor Refugees
Sponsor Refugees

A leading organisation, operating under the Citizens UK civil society alliance, dedicated to promoting Community Sponsorship of refugees in Britain.

Nature of Partnership

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) works with Sponsor Refugees to promote the #BeARefugeeSponsor campaign, to expand and diversify community sponsorship of refugees in Britain. We bring the voices of sponsors, resettled refugees and veteran practitioners to policy makers and the public through media, IOHR Web TV and social media.


Alan & Ghalib Kurdi Foundation

The Kurdi Foundation helps Syrian children whose lives have been torn apart by war. All funds raised by The Kurdi Foundation help provide nutritious meals, clothing, and medicine to youth in refugee camps.

Nature of Partnership

The International Observatory of Human Rights has partnered with The Kurdi Foundation to help protect young refugees in desperate need of support worldwide.

As part of the ‘Be A Refugee Sponsor’ campaign, IOHR’s goal is to keep the focus on the plight of the millions of displaced refugees and provide them with much needed school supplies, food, clothing, medicine and medical supplies through ethical donations.


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