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The Good, The Rights, and The Ugly

The Good, The Rights, and The Ugly

What is The Good, The Rights, and The Ugly?

Albino rapper and entertainer Roben X, barrister Diana Constantinide, and IOHR’s Director Valerie Peay join host Wade McElwain as we launch our first podcast. What are we trying to do with this audio series? What are human rights? Do we all get them? … Read more →

How will Middle East elections change the region?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has recently won a fourth term in office, despite the U.N. calling for voting under international supervision. Analysts and human rights experts have raised their concerns over the Iranian presidential elections which will be held on Friday 18th June. In January, the Palestinian Authority’s President, Mahmoud Abbas announced the first presidential elections in 15 years. They have recently been postponed. … Read more →

Will Iran ever stop taking hostages?

Since 2015, the Iranian regime has unjustly detained at least 30 individuals with foreign ties to use as leverage. In this episode, we examine the future of Iran’s hostage-taking. Will Iran’s June elections bring change? Will JCPOA’s meetings impact this practice? … Read more →

Will QAnon ever be designated as a terrorist group?

Host Wade McElwain explores the alleged ‘deep state’ that the QAnon movement is so panicked about. This conspiracy theory is gaining ground around the world. Some followers have taken inspiration and have turned violent on multiple occasions, with the riots at Capitol Hill being one of the most recent actions. Will Qanon ever be labelled as a terrorist group? … Read more →


This podcast aims to arouse curiosity about human rights.

The Good, The RIghts and The Ugly answers the questions you have about the most important humanitarian stories affecting our world today.

Your Host

Wade McElwain is a presenter, producer, and international award-winning comedian based in London.

Originally from Canada, Wade has been entertaining fans around the world with his quick wit, rapid-fire responses, and simple farm boy outlook. Wade has also appeared on numerous TV series and films and has produced & written hundreds of episodes of TV for the UK, US and Canada.


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