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IOHR presents: Brexit vs Your Rights Opinion Poll

20 December 2018



When: December 2018
Where: London, UK.
What: The International Observatory of Human Rights presents results of opinion poll on Brexit and Human Rights.

On 19 December 2018 it will be 100 days until the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is just one of the legal frameworks that currently protects the human rights of citizens residing in the United Kingdom. In the UK, the EU Withdrawal Act became law but does not encapsulate the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

As a consequence, fundamental laws like the Modern Slavery Act, the Equality Act (which includes rights for women, LGBTQ+, disabled, religious and ethnic groups), the Data Protection Act, Protection of the Rights of the Child as well as rights and protections afforded to refugees are all at risk.

But, how much do the general public actually know about the risk to their vital rights and protections?

To answer this question the International Observatory of Human Rights decided to conduct a brief study into what Brexit will mean for human rights in the UK. 500 people from all walks of life were interviewed in a variety of London boroughs, from Westminster to Waltham Forest, an as well as online. The study aimed to examine people’s awareness of the impact Brexit may have on their rights and how concerned they are regarding that impact.

Results from IOHR’s poll were very revealing and the most significant figure showed that,

85% of those polled felt that the government has not done enough to inform them of the possible loss of some rights.

IOHR Director Valerie Peay said: While the focus on Brexit in the news has been on trade and borders, I share the concerns of the majority of people we surveyed that there still is ambiguity on the impact of the withdrawal agreement on our human rights protections with less than 100 days to go.

IOHR will now investigate further the fact that the public feel so misinformed by them. Whether having voted for Brexit or not, every individual deserves clarity around their human rights and the legal support that underpins them.

IOHR Ambassadors take to the street of London conducting surveys about the effect of Brexit on human rights.

IOHR Ambassadors took to the streets of London to ask the public about their rights after Brexit. The IOHR Ambassadors are a group of young people who are working with IOHR to make a difference by shaping the human rights narrative with their own voices.

For more information and to arrange interviews, please contact:

Mr Ash Naji
Head of Marketing and Communications
International Observatory of Human Rights
Tel: +44 (0) 7826 062 541
Email: [email protected]

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