Getting the Facts Right is the Core of Human Rights


The UK and European contemporary record for counter-extremism policy has travelled a bumpy road so far. Having reached a crossroads at which several organisations, including the UN (United Nations 2017), have spoken out over human rights concerns within UK policy; events have now reached critical mass.

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The regime in Tehran continues to show an utter disregard for the civil and political rights of its citizens. The 30 dual-nationals currently detained in Iran marks a sharp increase in political detainees since 2015. In addition to 7 Iranian-American dual nationals, 19 out of the 30 detainees have European citizenships this represents a dangerous new trend since most of the previous detainees were of Iranian-American descent.

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As of 2018, the number of reporters behind bars in Turkey has reached over 150 which makes it the leading jailer of journalists in the world. The basic right of freedom of expression is under an unprecedented attack. In July 2017, the imprisonment of the "Istanbul 10", a group of human rights defenders that included two Amnesty officials, focused the international spotlight on Ankara.

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Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Programme has welcomed over 300,000 refugees since its inauguration in 1978. Among the 40,000 Syrian refugees resettled in Canada since the beginning of the conflict, nearly half are privately sponsored. The UK launched its own Community Sponsorship scheme in July 2016 giving local communities the opportunity to help with the resettlement of Syrian refugee families by providing emotional, financial and practical support.

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The assistance is urgently required to combat disease outbreaks, food insecurity, a collapsing health system and a schooling crisis for children. The conflict in Yemen has resulted in widespread human rights violations, threatening the right to life and dignity for 75% of the Yemeni population.

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