#NotBornARadical aims at preventing radicalism and countering extremism. IOHR focus on challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes and how empowering the youth is key.

IOHR Counter-Terrorism Global Initiative

Counter-terrorism experts, UN & EU advisors, a former extremist and academics from nine nations joined the #IOHR initiative in the UK to launch the #NotBornARadical campaign aimed at preventing radicalism and countering extremism. … Read more →

Former extremist speaks on the issue of the radicalisation

Hanif Qadir, Chief Executive of the Active Change Foundation, speaks on how his personal experience as an extremist proved to be a valuable asset in advising governments in reforming prevention and countering of violent extremism. He addresses the challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes, the importance of curbing terrorism financing and how empowering the youth is key to preventing extremism. … Read more →

Dark Fate for Captured ISIS Brides in Iraqi Kurdistan

After several weeks of volunteering for Zhian Health Organisation, a local NGO in Iraqi Kurdistan, I was presented with the opportunity in August of 2018 to visit a women’s correctional facility, which I was told had become a dumping ground for ISIS brides after the recapture of Mosul. So far, I had accompanied a small team to several refugee camps around the Kurdish region … Read more →

Women in Extremism: Causes, Concerns and Consequences

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) is working in partnership with Dr. Nina Käsehage of the University of Rostock’s Department of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology to bring an event that puts the focus on women who have joined terrorist groups such as ISIS. Nina has carried out extensive research on the role of women in the Muslim-Salafi movements. She has been working … Read more →

Pakistani hero survives terrorist attack

Ibrahim Khan saved his friend’s life before he was shot during the 2014 Peshawar school massacre in Pakistan that left 149 people killed at the hands of Taliban terrorists. Ibrahim raises awareness against extremism and promotes peace through education as he undertakes medical treatment in the UK. … Read more →

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