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International Observatory of Human Rights Partners with the Active Change Foundation to Counter Radicalisation

7 April 2018

7.4.2018 – London

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) has partnered with Mr. Hanif Qadir, a reformed Islamic extremist and the founder of  the Active Change Foundation (ACF) to raise awareness, counter radicalisation and engage returning fighters and prisoners seeking a path to rehabilitation.

IOHR is launching a campaign called “Not Born a Radical”, during the International Initiative on the Prevention and Countering of Radicalism and Extremism, taking place in London, United Kingdom, 30th April 2018, at King’s College.

As part of the initiative, IOHR is also launching its international prison visit programme seeking an opportunity to conduct research, collect data, and analyse motivational and societal factors causing extremism. This includes main recruitment methods used by international terrorist organisations, with the objective to design strategies for preventing radicalisation and rehabilitating and reintegrating individuals into society.

Mr. Hanif Qadir, recently spoke to Trish Lynch, IOHR Correspondent, on the issue of radicalisation in an exclusive interview for the latest episode on our IOHR web TV.

“Travelling that journey helped me understand how these people operate, how they mobilise and how they manipulate. Without that experience, one could never understand what are the drivers, what are the triggers, what are the emotional aspects of getting involved.

The #NotBornARadical campaign will focus on educating and empowering young people vulnerable to extremism through engaging dialogue and usage of progressive media, workshops and events.

“The Active Change Foundation has reached into the heart of the local community and IOHR has created this campaign to give a voice to young vulnerable people and champion their causes above the rhetoric of radicalisation.” said Valerie Peay, the director of the International Observatory of Human Rights.

IOHR TV is a human rights online TV channel. The International Observatory of Human Rights is a non-profit NGO based in London. Our team of journalists, researchers, human rights practitioners and multi-media professionals aim to prevent and end human rights violations worldwide. Our primary field research, in depth analysis and unique access represents the foundation for our goal to advocate, assimilate and secure human rights for all.
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