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IOHR launches a Human Rights TV web portal in London

29 January 2018

The International Observatory of Human Rights launches a unique human rights TV web portal in London with an interview with actor and UNICEF ambassador Charley Boorman.

Boorman will be discussing his fundraising work with UNICEF to spread awareness about poverty, victims of AIDS and better facilities for British servicemen and women wounded or injured in the line of duty. He will also share experiences about his motorbike travels worldwide with actor Ewan McGregor.

Correspondent Trish Lynch, a former CNN and Sky presenter, brings her years of experience to forward the IOHR goal of putting human rights into focus. “It’s such a joy to be able to allow guests to speak freely for 25-minute episodes without corporate constraints about human rights enough attention,” commented Lynch.

Lynch reflected that “IOHR is about preventing and ending human rights violations worldwide. Every time I walk into that studio the guests I interview present me with eye-opening education that I hope our viewers learn from and enjoy too”.

  • Other episodes filmed and uploaded to the NGOs website include:

  • An interview with Sky News reporter Ashish Joshi about his experience covering the Rohyinga massacres in Mynamar.

  • Muratcan Sabancu speaks about the status of human rights in Turkey and the incarceration of his father Murat Sabuncu a prominent journalist unjustly incarcerated in Turkey, the world biggest jailer of journalists with close to 150 reporters behind bars.

  • Richard Ratcliffe talks about his British wife, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, unjustly jailed in Iran on baseless espionage charges for more than 600 days now.

  • Hannah Thomas an artist who ran an art rehabilitation programme creating self-portraits with Yazidi women who were subjected to rape, torture and watched thousands of their community being killed by ISIS fighters in Northern Iraq in 2014.

“Our non-governmental web TV platform aims to echo the voices of influential people like Charley Boorman and other public figures to expand programmes and global causes that pertain to human rights,” commented Valerie Peay, Director of IOHR.

“In this age, the fight against terrorism has been used as an excuse to sideline human rights. IOHR aims to raise awareness by engaging people through IOHR web TV, digital media and forums. Reshaping the dialogue is our way to translate our message on the plight of refugees, unjustly incarcerated prisoners, victims of oppression and radicalism to policy makers, practitioners, academics, journalists, experts, and a wider public.”

IOHR TV is a human rights online TV channel. The International Observatory of Human Rights is a non-profit NGO based in London. Our team of journalists, researchers, human rights practitioners and multi-media professionals aim to prevent and end human rights violations worldwide. Our primary field research, in depth analysis and unique access represents the foundation for our goal to advocate, assimilate and secure human rights for all.
Press Contact: +44 7340 794920  || [email protected] || @observatoryIHR


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