IRAN: #FreeAhmadreza

International Observatory of Human Rights research on the status of human rights and freedom of expression in Iran.

The regime in Tehran continues to show an utter disregard for the civil and political rights of its citizens. The 30 dual-nationals currently detained in Iran marks a sharp increase in political detainees since 2015. In addition to 7 Iranian-American dual nationals, 19 out of the 30 detainees have European citizenships this represents a dangerous new trend since most of the previous detainees were of Iranian-American descent.


International Observatory of Human Rights:
Prisoners as bargaining chips: Iran’s strategy of coercion

“Nazanin is a bargaining chip. This hostage taking will never stop.”

Kerry Moscoguiri, Campaign Director of Amnesty International.

Prisoners as bargaining chips: Iran’s strategy of coercion 18.01.18 | 1.29 MB Download report

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